The life hacks to get your current boring life kicking again.

Do you have those days in your life that everything seems so great and exciting and well planned, but one day, everything turned into chaos even if you try to be calm, hopeful and strong in the situation?

When everything is ruined already, how will you continue? 
Will you just quit or move on? 
“should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements?”

Pause and Play: Have a break from all the chaos.

Based from a personal experience, I always have the flight tendency whenever I face tough life moments. If I’m overwhelmed about the situation, I usually play the “quit” button, fly off and shut down people.

As I struggle in the challenges of life, the people in my circle and situation are the primary reasons of my struggles, but they are also the cure for it because I love them and I forgive them no matter how big time they hurt me ------ so leaving would even kill me in a long run. Instead of leaving, I learned to take a break once in a while and to re-align myself when life feels are knocking at me.

Here are the hacks:

1. Take a sip of coffee – oh yeah, you might not love coffee anyway. All I’m saying is that find something that might entice your senses and soul, like shopping (just please don’t spend too much) or buy those guilty food pleasures that you always crave. I consider you do it alone first to think things through.

2. Look for a new hobby - Yes indeed! Because what you’re doing is something that you’re doing for a while now and that could simply be your everyday routine, with that, it might have bored you already and didn’t give you chills to continue. Finding a new hobby will ignite again your spirit. Learning a new hobby won’t just give you new set of talents but also help you remove your “life feels”/”situation” since you are thrilled with this new life extravaganza! .

3. Hang out with friends outside your usual circle – Study shows that those people who are closer to you hurts you more, and you also adapt all their habits. Look for new friends or reunite with your old friend and get a life sometime with them. Meeting them once in a while will give you air from the people stressing you today (especially if they’re in your circle), it’s also a way to re-kindle those old memories and childhood habits.
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
-Albert Einstein
4. Have a Vacation - When I say vacation, you just don’t rest or chill at your home, what I mean is travel! Either you do it alone for some soul searching or go with friends, being somewhere you’d never been before will help you see things differently as you observe the wonders of nature, learn other culture or meet other people. Feel the sense of youthful adventure in your veins as you travel!

I’m sure there are a lot of things to detox from your life, but these hacks that I have on my list are actually from my personal experiences, and this might work for you as well.

How about you? Would you apply these hacks when life feels are on your door or would you create your own hack?
Read on Facebook that 2013-2015 are the years that thought us so much, i should agree on them. Those years were actually my learning curve especially 2015 where i consider that i learned so much about myself and the world as well. 

Life Crisis  - The youngsters like me in the early 20's breaking to mid 20's where you dont know where you are going. your dreams, you feel really so helpless. I quit my low paying technical dream job to search for a higher paying one. While looking for a new job, while without having one, penny less made me realize that sometimes you need to be more practical. 

I'm glad that due to that search, i learned what i needed to do and i was able to set my goals for 2016! 

Transitions (life crisis) - Since i dont know where i belong in our church organization (youth to young adult and lay leader), i don't know what ministry should i prioritize due to the need of my church. There's so many concerns like who's next to take the leadership from my previous organization (youth) to the revival of my new organization (young adult) and my current function as a lay leader. Finally, now i was able to realize things and focused on building leaders and discipleship in our church. 

Blogging - This is not bad news at all! able to discover so much about blogging!
  1. Went back to blogging after almost 3 years of break. 
  2. Featured my summer travel
  3. Used blogging to be more artistic about my entries. 
  4. Created blog projects such as devotional, art feature and lens project. 
  5. Widen my real life blogging opportunities, thanks to blogapalooza! 
  6. Found my blog niche---lifestyle! 
  7. Used this medium to express post ideas and even more excited about what to do more! 

The 2016 currently:
  • Career plans and money saving for the first quarter of 2016. 
  • My first ever official photography mirrorless camera. 
  • I have a passport, so travelling is a must. 
  • More of tangible blogging, giveaways and events! 
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When i discovered Taylor Swift's songwriting talent through the inclusion of her demo songs in her album, i started to admire her because of her talent, gift and love for music. I love singer-songwriters because i know that this is real talent compared to artists who include skins, boobs, twerks and cursing in their music, but still making it big. 

1989 is the latest album of Taylor Swift. I went through the records but i actually missed the booklet until last week, i was able to look at it and i thought "this is inspiring!, might as well, have my own version of this"

so here they are, my 1989: A Taylor Swift's Booklet Inspired Photography. 

So what are your favorites?
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