December 12-13, 2015, 11am to 8pm, 100 gate fee
1161 Pasong Tamo St., Makati City (formerly Bosch Building, in front of Ambers)
Proceeds will be for the benefit of Project Pearls

On December 12 and 13, type lovers and lettering enthusiasts will be in for a treat! The team behind Type Kita will be holding the 3rd installment of their annual typography exhibit! The previous Type Kita exhibits offered visitors with an incredible showcase of local typographic art pieces, on-the-spot workshops by some of the country’s well-known hand-letterers and calligraphers, and for the bargain hunters, a slew of handmade crafts and printed goods from local entrepreneurs.

The 3rd Type Kita exhibit promises to be even bigger than before, with over 60 participating exhibitors and artists sharing their talent for this event-for-a-cause.
Set during the holiday season, the Type Kita Exhibit will serve as a big Christmas gathering for type enthusiasts around the metro! With live art, demos, art trade and gift giving activities, it’s the perfect holiday feast for type lovers!

With the theme “Pass on the Passion,” the event aims to foster camaraderie and to strengthen the local type community during the Christmas season by focusing on the value of collaboration and sharing! With this event, type-enthusiasts can give back to the community and share their passion to others as well. Proceeds from the event will be for the benefit of PEARLS- a non-profit organization that aims to provide unprivileged kids with Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love & Smiles.

Activities for the event are as follows:

For this leg, exhibitors are encouraged to work and collaborate with other artists to share their talent and trade skills as they develop their pieces, strengthening the idea of sharing one’s passion through art.

Art Trade Manila will lead an art-exchange activity where artists and guests can bring their works or writing tools and trade it with fellow type-enthusiasts. It’s like a massive exchange gift activity but more fun!

Some of your favorite local letterers will also be invited to paint on wooden panels as part of the live art exhibit. Glass panels will also serve as a big doodle wall canvas!

And because the venue will be bigger, Zig Philippines will also be displaying large scale art murals as part of the exhibit.

Type Kita exhibits are also the best place to build your network with fellow type-geeks! To further promote camaraderie, participants will be given name tags for their IG handles so they can easily follow each other and keep connected even after the event!

One portion of the event will allow guests to write Christmas cards, design covers of blank notebooks and leave behind hand-lettered pieces as part of gift kits for the kids of PROJECT PEARLS.

Pass on the passion for type with free demos such as lettering, calligraphy, watercolor lettering and many more! There will also be a scheduled film showing, some live art & for the hoarders, there will also be pop-up shops for tools and type merchandise.

To keep the Christmas spirit alive, they will be holding a simple get-together/Christmas potluck to celebrate the community this holiday season. You may bring food and drinks too if you want to join in the feast!

Here are the routes and guides you may use in order to be able to go to the exhibit. #TypeKita3 #PassOnThePassion #typekitaexhibit

As you all know, we are readying lots and lots of fun-filled activities for the next ‪#‎typekitaexhibit‬! We are very grateful to all our incredible and very talented artists who'll be sharing their time and knowledge in teaching our guests!

The capsule classes and demos are free but will be on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be sign-up sheets available during the event. So, don't forget to bring your tools and your enthusiasm too! ‪#‎TypeKita3‬ ‪#‎passonthepassion‬

For more updates, follow Type Kita on Facebook and Instagram.

The Philippine election is fast approaching and we are 6 months away from it. Now, everyone who eyes to have a seat in various political positions are already in the loose chasing voters through campaigns, black propaganda (Hi Mr. VP Binay, BLACK propaganda indeed) and TV interviews.

Came last Monday, I woke up receiving a text message from my college classmate asking if I have watched Alma Moreno’s interview with Karen Davila in ANC’sheadstart. I’m like “what’s up with the interview?”, so I went to YouTube to watch it. 

For me, the interview went well and I was guessing where is the awkward part of the interview since the video was labelled like “watch Alma’s interview with Karen Davila that turned out to be awkward”. I have noticed that there are points that she hit, however, there were parts of it where she stuttered and seem to have gotten confused about the question regarding the current issues in the Philippines especially the RH bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

Karen Davila “So are you for the Reproductive Health law?"
Alma Moreno: "Nuh???..Uhm... yes, yes, ok yes!"
Karen Davila: "Yes in all forms or yes with reservations?
Alma Moreno: "Yes with reservations..."
Karen Davila: "What are the reservations?"
Alma Moreno: "Do i need to answer that?"
Karen Davila: "Of course, you're running for the senate!" 
Her name went to twitter  immediately and trended, there were even fandoms about her running as a Senator. Through that interview, seems like people measured her capability as a Senator  and she was also linked to her former role as a sexy star (I’m like really? What’s the connection about her past and future, everyone deserves to start somewhere to have a new role in this world). I can also say that she’s honest with her answers.

I Think:
  • We should not judge her based on that  interview, she might really went there without studying these issues (maybe she's still studying it today step by step as she prepare to run for the senate). Remember that a role of city Counselor (which is a local position) is not related to a national one. Everything can be studied along the way once she gets there.
  • She’s aspiring, she makes mistakes, we are not in the position to bash her, she’s a Filipino still, let’s think about her family too that might be affected by this issue.
  • I could say, she really prayed for it (as what she mentioned ), but praying is not about miracles, this should be a lesson for her to take this position seriously because at least Filipinos are wiser voters now. This should also be a lesson for all the those aspiring politicians to take running seriously. Politics and public service is not a playground for bored people. 
  • Let’s research about her career tracks if she really rocked it, from there, let’s decide whether she deserves a reservation in our votes instead of basing our decision only on that interview.
I am neutral about our political candidates, let’s all give them a fair judgement through research instead of basing our votes on what is seen in the TV, news (as we know that this is filtered), or social media trends. Let’s all be responsible.

The Who Wants to be a Millionaire Version
Here's a caption from Atty. Kath Sadsad, a total summary of what i think,
agree upon and to sum up this post. 

No Christmas Party for Freelancers? No Problem! 

So what are some of the things freelancers surely won’t miss this season? 
  • The heavy traffic (pass.) 
  • The chaotic streets (ugh.)
  • The last-minute gift shopping rush (no thanks, please.)  
What full-time freelancers will definitely miss however are the 13th month pays, the long Christmas breaks, and of course, the wild holiday parties where an office mate (or two) hogs the karaoke to belt out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or "Chandelier" until their throats (and everyone's ears) explode.

But fret not, Filipino freelance professional! Top global online jobs portal Freelancer.com has joined forces with local freelancing community Freelancing.ph and premier workshops organizer Manila Workshops to bring you our very own holiday party, especially for freelancers.

On December 5, Saturday, join your fellow freelancers for a well-deserved afternoon of mirth and merrymaking! Bring food to share and gifts to exchange with your friends! Plus: come in your best Holiday outfit to the Freelancer.com office, 30th floor, Ecotower building, 32nd Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – and get a chance to win a prize!
Entrance is free to the event. Simply present your Freelancer.com username at the registration table to get in the party! And if you’re not a Freelancer.com member yet, you can use the coupon code flholidays when you sign up on Freelancer.com to get a special Plus Membership gift which increases the chances of winning freelance projects up to 100 bids—exclusively for the holidays.
Original write up from: 

Evan Tan 
-Regional Director for Southeast Asia, www.freelancer.com
The blogging community today is even more rapid as the age of mobility and social media is set and running on stage, another factor is that most people are getting access on the internet [compared to those days that wifi was not even yet invented--and the modem days baby!]. 

As i mentioned, it's rough as well cause there's just like a lot of bloggers and really COOL bloggers out there and everyone seems like to have their own blogs too! The competition is getting tough when it comes to seamlessness, content, niche, networks and followers---how could even one adapt to rapid & growing blogging environment? 

Why a Blogger should attend Blogapalooza? 

Blogapalooza took it at One Esplanade in Pasay last October 26, i'd say it was really a successful one!. Who the hell care attending on it anyway? well wait, here are the reasons why you should attend: 
  • Business and network opportunities - I'd say, you really have to bring a PLENTY of calling cards baby, why? 'cause you'll be meeting businesses that can give you a lot of paid-posts, network and exclusive opportunities. Let me mention that you can also interact with the famous bloggers in town and collab; again, another opportunity to give yourself a wide connection. 
  • Freebies - When i say freebies, i mean freebies and raffles baby. Well, last Blogapalooza, there's just a raffle for Fukuoka Japan by Cebu Pacific. JB Music invited (with free photobooth) Kamikazee, Ebe Dancel, Urbandub and Rivermaya. Maxene Magalona was also there by Flawless. Interaction with these celebs is less hassle compare to those of mall shows and public appearances--and they are exclusive for bloggers only. There were also eco bags, cool give-aways and interaction with different booths/business (there's just bunch, i couldn't post 'em all here!).  To know more, click this: http://blogapalooza.ph/news/2015/10/23/blogapalooza-stage-welcomes/

My Personal Takeaways: 

This is my first time attending the event and i would come back next year as i enjoyed the event so much. Aside from enjoying it, provided that they have a lot to offer for bloggers (freebies, artists, celebs, opportunities, networks, free foods and drinks), i have also learned a lot from all the speakers there.  
Here's Ms. Valerie Tan as she talked about Blogging 101. 
"We have to take blogging more seriously, reply to your readers, know what you should write, update your blog every week, write what you love, make your blog a pro, also provide give-aways sometimes. You is your brand" [paraphrased]
-Valerie Tan, http://missvalerietan.com/blogging-101-at-blogapalooza/
Valerie Tan made me question myself as well, what kind of blogger really i am? what i actually write about?.That question made me decide to re-invent my blog and focus on more serious, tailored and organized blogging pattern. By next year,my blog will unveil it's new logo and template (if needed). 
 Maxene Magalona for Flawless
"Don't mind your bashers and just focus on positive stuffs only" [paraphrased]
-Maxene Magalona. 
Sam Oh, Rj Ledesma, Mannix Pabalan and Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin talked about responsible media. 
"I proof read, and read and re-read again my entries. I don't want my post to be boosted as i want my readers to follow me because of the content that i and my blog offers"
- Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin, blogger.

Blogging is getting more serious lately and i would suggest that you expose yourself more in this industry. Blogging, in just few months of me coming back again, made me realize things, share my thoughts even more and made me become a credible online individual. Lastly, blogging is not just a hobby, this can open you to more doors in paid reviews, increasing network, and vast opportunity for your blogging and personal career. 

#Blogapalooza2015 #BlogapaloozaSeasons #Blogapalooza #ResponsibleMedia

Truly a treat from a band who influenced my "how-to's"when it comes to being on stage (plus music of course!) KAMIKAZEE EVERYONE!

For Blogapalooza bloggers, here's the promised link of my link ex project and what's it all about: http://www.artisticworld.net/p/artist.html
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